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Welcome to LA CLEANERS - since 1989
"La Best of North Westerville" and our web site.

LA Cleaners is keeping up with the times. Our location at 6113 Maxtown Rd. Westerville ,OH 43082 is where we do all our cleaning and processing. Home pick up and delivery (at no additioal cost) is our signiture calling card. We are directly across the street from Worthington Cylinder Corp. If you have trouble frinding our door, ...Remember ... we are in the back!!!!

LA Cleaners has grown over the years and since 1989 we have provided a state of the art,high quality cleaning process that is "EARTH FRIENDLY" as well. We have never used Perc. and never will. Being a family business we did not want to expose ourselves or clients to the toxic side effects that is now being outlawed and abandoned in most states ...starting in California.

Over the years, even though the work load has increased , our ethics of Hard Work...Long Hours...and Good People with an Honest Attitude are the very qualities that have led to our successful growth. In fact, things run even smoother now ... quality has improved mostly due to the high demand for quality in this part of the world.

BARCODES BARCODES....yes oh yes... Very few Drycleaners understand the Value of using Barcodes to organize and process the clients clothing orders. The old method of pre -numbered paper tags works...once...but not trackable. With LA Cleaners your items have a history that can be reviewed for years to come. Stop tucking in staples, safety pins, and plastic tacking staples. Try the smooth hidden one time barcode tag that goes on once and tracsk your clothes every time.

When you drop garments at LA Cleaners you will notice and enjoy some of the nicest counter help that yod'd ever hope to expect. LA Cleaners Motto is: "TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS... YOU MUST DO SOMETHING FRIENDLY". We bring you big time service with a home town smile. Imagine someone offering to carry your clothes to your car for ya when it's a little heavy ..or windy ...or too cold! Hmmmmmmmmm nice!

How about you drop off your clothes and we deliver them to your home on our next route day. you could just sign up for our pick up and delivery and get into that groove and stay on track ... ALL THIS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.... PLEASE check out all the info on the following pages ...be informed... watch the video ... give me a call at 679-4709....for any concerns...Really ! Call Me!

- MR. Campbell



OR............... CALL MR. CAMPBELL PERSONALLY CELL PH# (614)-679-4709

FREE Pick-up
and Delivery!

Our other services include:
  • alterations
  • suede and leather repair
  • wedding gown preservation

Store Hours:

Weekdays - 8AM to 7PM
Saturday - 8AM to 4PM
Sundays - Closed

How Dry Cleaning Works

If you want to make new friends, do something friendly.

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